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There's No Place, Like Home - Dorothy Gale

​​​Mary Y.

Beaverton, OR

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5.0 star rating

I received a housecleaning session as a gift from my team at work.

I scheduled it for today Chris and Karrie came right on time this morning and worked their tails off; they worked far longer than I would have anticipated. Both individuals were very respectful and courteous and asked to walk through the house to make sure they knew the areas I wanted addressed. When I got home it was a pleasure to see all the tidy, neat areas they had cleaned. I was very pleased with the job they did and would recommend them to others. I hope to become a regular client. Thank you both for your hard work!

Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Tigard

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Priyanka B.

Beaverton, OR

 48 friends

 1 review

5.0 star rating

Chris and Yarrie have been so good in cleaning my apartment. I have known them for 3 years  now. They have been so precise and great. They always confirm all stuff before it is trashed. This helped me save s lot of stuff from being trashed. 
They are an awesome team.
They are kind, and responsive. Their services are worth the money.