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Services and Areas that are out of our League 


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Whether if your Moving In/Out of the Old/New Home, The House is starting to feel grungy,

The Home hasn't seen better days, Surprised Family is coming over,

A new addition to the Family, Taking on Roommates, Etc...

​Coffman's Household Services is mainly great for 1 Time Move In/Out, Deep/Year Round Spring Cleanings.

Note: All our Rates are always a 1 x Flat Fee that covers all our

Equipment, Labor, Cleaning Supplies & Full Insurance Coverage.

Our Rates are always based on Size of Home, How many Stories, Bedrooms, Baths, Extra House Services

* If after we've Deep/Spring cleaned your Home and you wish to continue with our Services,

We will then find a spot in our busy Schedule for you. :)

​Move In & Out Deep Cleaning

​Residential ​​

Year Round Spring Cleaning

​We have many ways to pay us  

Pick a Option that is convent       



3-6 Months Payment Plan

Sorry at this Time, we are not accepting Credit/Debt Card 


We are in the process of getting a new Credit Union to accept payments

Thank You for your patience 


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Year Round Spring Cleaning is our Clients that live in their homes year round.

Life gets out of Hand, Gets too Busy, New Job, New Responsibilities ,

Unexpected Family or Friends pop up, Injuries, Holidays, Etc. 

One Time Standard Cleanings

​​​​​​Why Choose Us 

   Call/Text: 971-226-3366



Tape a Cardboard or Paper over the Animals & Arrow

Put different Chores on each Section

Spin & that's your Chore

Cleaning Tip

​Make a

Fisher Price Spin Wheel, 

​Into a Chore Wheel

Our Standard Cleaning, is where we do the  Everyday Cleaning, that People just get too busy to do themselves.

Dusting, Vacuuming Dinning, Living, Bed Rooms, Mud Rooms,  Making Beds, Cleaning the Bath Rooms,

Wiping down the Surface of the Kitchen Counter Tops, Range, Wood Paneling, 

Vacuuming, Sweeping and Mopping Flooring

* NOTE: If you want us to do the Inside of the Oven or Fridge or anything out of the Ordinary,

 that is an extra Fee.

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Our State & City Licenses 

Business Insurance

Our Personal Address

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You can also Call/Text/Email ​

Chris or Karrie Coffman

directly at 


Organizing Tip

Turn all Hangers in all Closets, Backwards

As you Wear the Clothes, Suits, Dresses or Coats, Turn them Forward

After 90 Days throw all unworn Items that Season &

Give them to the Homeless or Someone who can benefit from their use.

There's No Place, Like Home - Dorothy Gale

We Do Not:

Caulk Bathrooms

Steam Clean Rugs

Wax or Buff Flooring

Minor or Major Handyman

​Power Grout, Wash Decks, Drive Ways, Sidewalks,

Outside Windows or anywhere else outside the House * Patio Doors are the only exception

Locations we Service:  Aloha, Beaverton,Hilsboro, Portland, Tigard in Oregon Only

* Please note, if you do not live in One of the Areas above. We do Not Service your Area


​10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Household Services

​We are always busy with

Clients, Home Life, Business Appointments. 

We don't always have a chance to speak with New Clients right away.

We've left a few Dates, we can be available,

to offer our Services to you. 


​Other Days can be seen by clicking the

Button below
​If you don't see a Day you want us to clean, please check back later
​We are always updating, due to cancellations. 

Home Is...

Whether you are Moving In or Out of a New/ Old Home,

we are be happy to come over and take the

Deep Cleaning off Your Hands.​

We realize it's tough just Moving Items To/From one place to another, on top of Work, School, Family, Friends, Etc, without worrying about the Deep Cleaning process of cleaning up for the New Owners

We aim to help you make the moving transition easier.

Even though it's an empty Shell, we will be going through every Inch of your Home, getting everything from Top to Bottom.

And even everything in between. 

Pay Center

Information Center

  • We are Family Owned & Self Employed​​
  • ​We do not use harsh Cleaning Chemicals.
  • We are Fully Licensed & Insured
  •  We've maintained a 5 - 4 Star Rating, for 10 Years
  • We are very Hard Working, Reliable, Dedicated to you & your Home
  • We have Payment Plans, for those whom are struggling Finanically & Need a Clean Home
  • ​​We always have 1 Time Flat Rates that cover your entire Cleaning or Organizing Project