In 2009 we started advertising with Thumbtack. 

They worked pretty well till the Bots started acting like Customers

and were costing us money we did not have

We then turned to Yelp. They too worked out pretty well, till they started getting greedy 

and making us pay for show casing our Profile, making us pay to upload our Logo,

Advertising "By The Click"

Bots are welcome to click all they want and use up over Thousands of Dollars we didn't have.

The biggest reason we no longer use them, is they refused to show 12/14 Reviews from legit Clients.​

​We now get most of our Clients from Google.

Yes, Google has the same "By The Click" Advertising System, but they've been getting rid of the Bots

​that cost us money we can't afford to pay for. 

You'll see on on Angi's on our Google Page.

A few clients that have already put their Bad Reviews into Yelp,

decided to leave their opinions on Angi's as well

We have never advertised with Angi's and never will

​Please click on the Review Website Icon you wish to see our Reviews. 

​They will reroute you to their Review Pages

Welcome to our Review Page.Here are a few Websites we've advertised from. 

Throughout our 14 Years we've run into quite a lot of new clients.

Some stayed with us for Years, some only needed a One Time Deal ​and we even picked up a few clients that weren't all that thrilled.

No matter what, we appreciated all our Clients giving their honest feedback