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Cody J.


Chris and Karrie are great people who offer a great service. Will be having them clean my home in Hillsboro on a regular basis.

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Sam S

They did any amazing job cleaning our new home!

Nathan C.

These folks are totally great. Effecient and thurough cleaning at a decent price. We've had them do moveout cleanings and paid no deposit back to our property managers. They now clean our house reguarily.

Jim E.​​

Very nice job cleaning my very messy condo. The Coffman's are a very hard work Duo! My bathtub and refrigerator haven't been this clean in years. I was very pleased!

Dale J.

They came on time, worked hard all day, did a great job on everything i asked for! Very friendly, kind people. A pleasure to have them in my home. I especially appreciated having issues called to my attention.

Priyanka B.​

Chris and Yarrie have been so good in cleaning my apartment. I have known them for 3 years  now. They have been so precise and great. They always confirm all stuff before it is trashed. This helped me save s lot of stuff from being trashed.
They are an awesome team.
They are kind, and responsive. Their services are worth the money.​

Yanna C.

They done a great job on my mess house, I'm highly recommend them. They are the best. My house just look brand new after they finished the work. I'm very appreciate their hard work.

Arlene T

5.0 star rating12/13/2017