​Welcome to our Pressure Washing Page

We are willing to use your Water Hose area and attach it to our Pressure Washer to the exterior Parts of your Home 

We want to make it very clear, we are not Power Washing nor do we have a Commercial License to do so

We do not own a heated Steam Cleaning unit,

like Stanley Steamer, that can remove ground in Stains, Oil, Water Damage, Etc..


 we will not do any Pressure Washing,

if we see that the Paint is chipped or the Wood is rotting or the Asphalt is damaged in any way. 

We will make you sign a weaver,

that you acknowledge that damage was there beforehand and want us to clean it anyways.​

For our safety, we are willing to do 1 Story Houses or Condos only.

Windows will be done by hand with a Bush, Soap & Squeegee. as to not damage your Windows

No 2 Story Windows