We all have OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It's written in our Human Make up. It's become a Way of Life.
From collecting Shoes, Clothes, Tools, Seasonal Items, Multiple Cookware, Dishes, Food, Memorabilia, Nick Knacks,
Keeping broken down Items to repair later, Catch all Drawers or Areas, Arts, Crafts, Sports, Toys, Etc... 
We all have cluttered piles somewhere.

But, it's "How" we Store them, that can become a Problem.
Most of society will find a number of Items, Memorabilia, Etc... and put it where that's Out Of Sight, Out of Mind.
Over Time as we keep throwing Items into that same place, it becomes unmanageable, disorganized & maybe even hair raising.

That where we at Coffman's Household Services can help.
We sort, reorganize & declutter from the smallest of Closets, Cabinets & Drawers, All the way to a Level 3 OCD Home.
There are 5 different Levels of Clutter Bugs. But, we've narrowed it down to 3, to help you from getting too confused.
With all our Clutter Bug Clientele we'll help you sort into 5-6 different Categories to help minimize items, memorabilia, clothing, etc...  
Then we'll also help rearrange or reorganize the Items into a nice n neat way to help make it beneficial, when you need them the most.

Locations we Service
​Aloha, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Portland in Oregon
​Sorry no Washington State !!!!!

At this Stage, it's almost terminal. The Person(s) have not only a bad time keeping up on the collection of Items, Heirlooms, Clothes, Seasonal, Etc. They've grown Mental Attachment issues with the Clutter. The clutter just isn't in a closet and or storage space,
It's everywhere, and depending how long the clutter has been collecting, can be quite extremely Overwhelming. 

Closet Clutter Bugs are people that store most of their collections in a
closet, drawer, cabinet, shelving, bookcase, boxes, storage bins, Etc.... 
In a nutshell,

Closet Clutter Bugs have the Minimal Cases of OCD.
But can get worse if not kept under control.

At this point, we recommend some type of counseling with a Trained Professional Mental Heath Counselor before hiring us.
The Mental Heath Professional will help you to declutter your Mind and help with the personal issues that lead you to this Stage. 
But, on the other hand, we do understand OCD is quite embarrassing and we are willing to help you declutter your Home either way. 
But, please do understand, we are not professionally trained counselors.

We know nothing of the therapy process. 

Storage Clutter Bugs are at Medium Risk of OCD.
The Person(s) can keep it under control,
as long as they have a place to Store the Collection of Items.
But, if money runs out or the Items get out of hand,
can lead us to the OCD Clutter Bug Stage.