​Friday, Saturday or Sundays

1,000-3,000 Sq Ft

Residential Fully Detailed Move In/Out Deep Cleaning

Residential Live In Fully Detailed Spring Deep Cleaning

Residential Surface Deep Cleaning

Residential Clutter Bug Organizing

Residential Extreme OCD Organizing​


Due to COVID 19 and lack of new Customers, we had to get secondary Jobs.

Our Schedule as of 2022 will be as follows till further notice.

Karrie is willing to clean or de clutter up to 1,000 Sq Ft, on her own

 If your Home is more than 1,000 Ft and would like for us to do the Move In/Out, De Cluttering for you,

on Monday - Thursday please give us a Week's Notice and we'll do our best to get that Date off to help you

Thank You for your patience, till this pandemic ends and we can return to our normal business hours. 

Monday – Thursday

Up to 1,000 Sq Ft

More than 1,000 Sq Ft will need a 2 Week Notice

Residential ​Move In/Out

Residential Weekly - Monthly Housekeeping

Residential Clutter Bug Organizing

Small 1 on 1 Organizing – Closets, Drawers, Bottom Cabinets,
Fridge, Pantry, Bottom Shelves or Small Spaces

* Top Shelves, Cabinets or anything that needs a Ladder,

will have to wait till Fridays or the Weekends

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If we have the "Day" you need us, Then fill out the entire fields,

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