We all have OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It's written in our Human DNA Make up. It's become a Way of Life.
From collecting Shoes, Clothes, Tools, Seasonal Items, Multiple Cookware, Dishes, Food, Memorabilia, Nick Knacks,
Keeping broken down Items to repair later, Catch all Drawers or Areas, Arts, Crafts, Sports, Toys, Etc... 
We all have cluttered piles somewhere. But, it's "How" we Store them, that can become a Problem.
Most of society will find a number of Items, Memorabilia, Etc... and put it where that's Out Of Sight, Out of Mind.
Over Time as we keep throwing Items into that same place, it becomes unmanageable, disorganized.

That where we at Coffman's Household Services can help.

We help you separate through Keepables, Trash and Donatable Items 

Then we help find Homes for all the Stuff you want to keep

Then we create a organized system, that you can keep organized, even after we're gone

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