Dale J.

Beaverton, OR

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5.0 star rating

They came on time, worked hard all day, did a great job on everything i asked for! Very friendly, kind people. A pleasure to have them in my home. I especially appreciated having issues called to my attention.

B. B.

Portland, OR

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5.0 star rating

These folks have cleaned 2 houses for us in recent years. In both cases these were houses we moved out of. We all know even the tidiest of house keepers is shamed when you move from a house and see what you missed! But Chris and Kerrie came in and did a terrific job of deep cleaning. They are through, professional and well priced.These folks have cleaned 2 houses for us in recent years. In both cases these were houses we moved out of. We all know even the tidiest of house keepers is shamed when you move from a house and see what you missed! But Chris and Kerrie came in and did a terrific job of deep cleaning. They are through, professional and well priced.

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​​​Mary Y.

Beaverton, OR

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5.0 star rating

I received a housecleaning session as a gift from my team at work.

I scheduled it for today Chris and Karrie came right on time this morning and worked their tails off; they worked far longer than I would have anticipated. Both individuals were very respectful and courteous and asked to walk through the house to make sure they knew the areas I wanted addressed. When I got home it was a pleasure to see all the tidy, neat areas they had cleaned. I was very pleased with the job they did and would recommend them to others. I hope to become a regular client. Thank you both for your hard work!

Locations we Service, in Oregon Only

* Please note, if you do not live in one of the Areas below, We do Not Service your Area

Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Tigard

Good or Bad, we treat every Review very seriously. We go above and beyond, to put forth our All, into every home we clean.

But unfortunately we can't please everyone. We are not the type of company that preys on taking advantage of others. 

As to why we like when Clients are there to do a through detailed Walk Though, before we get paid.

​That way "IF" we missed anything, that way we can take care of it immediately. But we do understand that not everyone will take the Time, to check everything. 

As to why, we offer "FREE" Touch Ups or Partial - Full Refunds, to dissatisfied customers, if they contact us.

   Call/Text: 971-226-3366

​Email: chs.dc.llc@gmail.com

There's No Place, Like Home - Dorothy Gale

Priyanka B.

Beaverton, OR

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5.0 star rating

Chris and Yarrie have been so good in cleaning my apartment. I have known them for 3 years  now. They have been so precise and great. They always confirm all stuff before it is trashed. This helped me save s lot of stuff from being trashed. 
They are an awesome team.
They are kind, and responsive. Their services are worth the money.

Myra N.
Hillsboro, OR
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5.0 star rating

I recently hired Coffmans to do a deep clean in my home that hadn't been cleaned in years due to disability.  Both Karrie and Chris were here working extremely hard all day.  These people are honest, and extremely trustworthy to be in my home.  They did a complete walkthrough with me to make sure I was happy and make sure that I didn't see anything that I felt was missed, needless to say they caught it all.  The Coffmans were extremely thorough and very affordable.  Its a not by the hour job, its a work until its done job for a flat fee.  I would absolutely hire them again and have recommended them to many of my friends and family.


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We built this Business from the ground up, over the past 10 Years
We want to help busy families to have a well cleaned Home. Or help other clients reclaim their lives & home.

We appreciate all our Clientele Reviews. The Good and the Bad. 

We strive to make every Home a, "There's No Place, like Home" feel.

We are at most client's Homes for 4-12 Hours everyday, depending on each Home.

Some clients are pickier than others. By the end of the Day, yes we are sometimes tired and sometimes cranky.

 But, we push through to make our client's day.

Future and New clients need to understand our Phone is our Lifeline to our Community and other Clients.

We do answer Messages. We do answer Emails. Never assume we are yelling at each other, especially when we are in separate  Rooms,

We do keep each other on track, After 3-5 Hours, we like to take a little breather.

We do not claim to be Perfectionist. But, we do clean to the best of our cleaning ability.

We are just 2 people, that love our Job & making People's Day.

We are always busy with Clients, Home Life,

Business Appointments. So,we are putting up our Schedule, so that Clients can know when there is an Opening or not.


​September 25, 27,  28, 29 Th

 October 1, 3, 4

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We are always Updating, due to cancellations. 

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  • We are Family Owned & Self Employed​​
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  • We are Fully Licensed & Insured
  •  We've maintained a 5 - 4 Star Rating, for 10 Years
  • We are very Hard Working, Reliable, Dedicated to you & your Home
  • We have Payment Plans, for those whom are struggling Finanically & Need a Clean Home
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​​Coffman's Household Services

Nathan C.

Portland, OR

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5.0 star rating

These folks are totally great. Effecient and thurough cleaning at a decent price. We've had them do moveout cleanings and paid no deposit back to our property managers. They now clean our house reguarily.