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10 Reviews

Myra N.
Hillsboro, OR

I recently hired Coffmans to do a deep clean in my home that hadn't been cleaned in years due to disability.  Both Karrie and Chris were here working extremely hard all day.  These people are honest, and extremely trustworthy to be in my home.  They did a complete walkthrough with me to make sure I was happy and make sure that I didn't see anything that I felt was missed, needless to say they caught it all.  The Coffmans were extremely thorough and very affordable.  Its a not by the hour job, its a work until its done job for a flat fee.  I would absolutely hire them again and have recommended them to many of my friends and family.

.Sam S.

Eugene, OR​


They did any amazing job cleaning our new home!

Cody J.
San Francisco, Ca


AMAZING! Chris and Karrie are great people who offer a great service. Will be having them clean my home in Hillsboro on a regular basis.


Alicia J.
Boise, Portland, OR

I was truly impressed with the amount of work they did in the time they did it. They're wonderful people and 100% recommend if you want a trustworthy sevice, call the Coffman's.

Thank you both for a job well done.

I had a great day and was very comfortable talking with them as they worked their butts off!!!

I am very excited to wake up to a CLEAN House tomorrow.

I am going to for the 1st time in a looooong time open my eyes

& see a CLEAN bedroom, go potty in a CLEAN bathroom, make breakfast in a CLEAN kitchen

& do homework @ my clean organized desk/office area while my son enjoys Saturday morning cartoons in a CLEAN living room.

Now THAT is gonna be a dream come true!!! Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Coffman!!!


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Jim E.

Metzger, Tigard, OR

3/28/20195.0 star rating

Very nice job cleaning my very messy condo. The Coffman's are a very hard work Duo! My bathtub and refrigerator haven't been this clean in years. I was very pleased!


Yanna C

Portland, OR​​

5.0 star rating4/2/2019

Nathan C.
Portland, OR


These folks are totally great. Effecient and thurough cleaning at a decent price. We've had them do moveout cleanings and paid no deposit back to our property managers. They now clean our house reguarily

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  • We are Family Owned & Self Employed​​
  • ​We do not use harsh Cleaning Chemicals.
  • We are Fully Licensed & Insured
  •  We've maintained a 5 - 4 Star Rating, for 10 Years
  • We are very Hard Working, Reliable, Dedicated to you & your Home
  • We have Payment Plans, for those whom are struggling Finanically & Need a Clean Home
  • ​​We always have 1 Time Flat Rates that cover your entire Cleaning or Organizing Project

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