​Welcome to C.H.S History

It all began when Karrie was heart broke when no one would give her the time of day, getting a job.

To know why, you have to do some heavy research into her background.

​You see Karrie has a Birth Defect that has limited her greatly.

Her parents had given up on her and her grandparents did what they could, to teach her how to fend for herself.

For a long period of time, she was on monthly Disability Payments. 

She struggled through school and quit in the 9 th Grade.

She was always told by her Grandma, "If you put your mind to it, anything is possible".

Having been bullied all her life, Karrie didn't believe her. The World let her know where her place in the World was.

It wasn't till she moved to Portland, Oregon in 1989, that things started to make sense. 

She started working at a Homeless Cafe' that let the Homeless get a Hot Meal Bartering or using their Food Stamps.

That's when the Manager there named Lanice gave her, her 1 st Job.

She became really good there and gave her the confidence to get a job at Burger King.

It didn't last long though. They said because she didn't have a High School Diploma or a GED, she had to be cut loose. 

So, Karrie went to Mt Hood Community College and got her GED, then went back to Burger King.

By then 2 years had passed and the manager there, wasn't there anymore. 

They turned her down because Karrie didn't have any Work History. 

From there her work experience is very sporadic. 

She was given a chance then cut loose, giving lame excuses of "Why", she didn't get the Job.

Their excuse has always been, "you don't meet the Requirements of the Job now".

"You don't qualify or sorry but you are over qualified"

The only jobs that ever hired her were Janitorial, Assembly, Stocking, Restaurant and Organizing.

It wasn't till she meet up with her 2 nd future Husband in 2004, that she felt useful again.

She had been applying for Job after Job after Job and being turned down left n right.

She even helped a few Friends here and there cleaning and organize their homes.

That's when Chris gave her $100 and told her to put her Work Skills to work for herself.

That's when Coffman's Household Services L.L.C was born in 2009.

She felt useful. People actually let her work, even though she was slow.

Then in 2020 tragedy happened. Karrie was in an apartment fire.

Then 2 months later COVID 19 took the business altogether. 

​It took over a year for her to heal fully. She was devasted.

Chris did what he could, to keep CHS operating on his own.

It wasn't till the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, that both could get CHS back up n running, due to COVID.  

Chris had to get a regular paying job, It's been tough on Karrie running the business by herself. ​

She hasn't quit and hopes and prays for a brighter future