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 Karrie has been in the Cleaning Business all her Life. She always managed through the Years to make Ends meet.

In 2004 her Employer at the time let her go. Said she was too slow, not good enough for their Company. 

For the next 2 Years, nobody would even give her the time of Day. 

But that all changed in 2007. She was lucky to have a loving & caring Husband to support her Dreams.

And in 2009, Coffman's Household Services L.L.C was Born.

For the next 7-8 Years Karrie has built up a considerable reputation for her Cleaning & Organizing Business.

Karrie wants to help other Self Employed Contractors,

by having them join her in her Dreams of making the World, a Cleaner & Well Organized place to live in. 

In 2017, she has decided to run Coffman's Household Services L.L.C like a local Job Agency,

for Residential Independent Cleaning/Organizing Contractors. 

She has done most of the work setting up a number of Websites that have brought her success.

She also has her eye out for other Ad Websites to bring in more Business,

to help fill lots of other Career Opportunities. The only thing that is stopping her Dreams, is Finances.  

That's where (You) the Self Employed Contractors come in.

Karrie is willing to take all your Information, Schedules & fit the right Clients to help you make your own Name for yourself.

The only Charge you will be paying is a 15 % Per Job Finder Fee. 

Example: If you can do a, Move Out Service. The House is 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, with Dinning, Living, Bath, Laundry Rooms, Kitchen, Hallway, Etc..... Fully Detailed Deep Clean, with light Tidying & Changing the Bed Sheets.

The Client calls C.H.S & Karrie sees that (You) are free the Day they need the Cleaning.

She tells the Client that their Charge is a One Time Fee of $175.00.

You go do the Job & get paid. Then you owe C.H.S a 15 % Per Job Finder Fee of $26.25. You keep the $148.75, for that Day.

As for Reoccurring Clients, all you have to pay is the 15% the 1 St Time only. 

If they Client loves your work & wants to re hire you again, You keep the Money from then on out. No other Strings attached

If Clients start to call C.H.S & say that you have failed at meeting their expectations,

we will then give you 3 Warnings, within a 6 Month Grace Period, to improve your Work Performance

Within those 3 Warnings, if your Work Performance does not improve, your Contract with C.H.S will be no longer valid. 

Also, if you fail to pay the 15 % Job Finder Fee, then C.H.S will no longer be liable to help find you any other Jobs.

Please send your Resume', Up To Date Self Employment Paperwork, Insurance/Bond to the Email Address: chs.dc.llc@gmail.com

Along with all your Formal Information, please do answer the following Questions, on our Questionnaire Forum. 

* Please do understand, even though you are a Self Employed Contractor, that C.H.S, has too run Full Back Ground Checks, Etc,

to make sure, your on the Up N Up. These Back Ground Checks is at your own Expense. Which is a One Time Fee of $10-$20 

* We will also be contacting your References also. No Family or Close Friends please. 

​Thank You for your patience & Welcome aboard :) 


Coffman's Household Services Questionnaire Forum 

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As for Yelp's Hidden Reviews, it is clickable. It will take you to see those Reviews. It will also explain in a Video why they didn't make Yelp's criteria. 

We disagree with Yelp's Review System. All our Yelp Reviews were from Legit Clients. We did not force any Client to put up a Review.

We want the Community to see All our Reviews and make up their own Minds, if to hire us or not. 


  • We are Family Owned & Self Employed​​
  • ​We do not use harsh Cleaning Chemicals.
  • We are Fully Licensed & Insured
  •  We've maintained a 5 - 4 Star Rating, for 10 Years
  • We are very Hard Working, Reliable, Dedicated to you & your Home
  • We have Payment Plans, for those whom are struggling Finanically & Need a Clean Home
  • ​​We always have 1 Time Flat Rates that cover your entire Cleaning or Organizing Project

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