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We are always busy with Clients, Home Life,

Business Appointments. 

So,we are putting up our Schedule, so that Clients can know when there is an Opening or not. 

If you don't see a Day you want us to clean, please check back later.

We are always Updating, due to cancellations. 

Holiday or Spring Cleaning Services

Year Round Move In or Out Deep Cleaning

Year Round One Time Spring Cleaning

Special Gift Certificates, For that Special Someone

Rates & Quotes

​​​Clutter Bug Home Organizing

There's No Place, Like Home - Dorothy Gale

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​​​Locations We Service:Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Tigard in Oregon

​​Coffman's Household Services

​​​​​​​​​We know the World isn't the same, as it was 40-100 Years ago.

Nowadays, There's more need to get an Education, More demands at Work, Social Gatherings, People getting hurt,

New Moms & Dads, Family Members who need help keeping up on the Household Chores,

People moving in or out of new or old Homes, Sporting Events, Holidays. 

The List is endless. 

We've created this business to helping our Community, with keeping their Homes clean and Clutter Free

With Coffman's Household Services you'll say, "There's No Place, Like Home". :)

​* Sorry No Reoccurring or Repeat Clients !!!!!!!​​
​ We are very happy with helping People in need of One Time help.
And with our sporadic Schedule we can only handle One Time Deep Cleaning or Year Round Spring Cleanings.

Maybe if we ever find Sub Contractors that are just as dedicated as we are, we will be able to add On Going Services.

But at this Time we don't.



Pay Center

Information Center

   Call/Text: 971-226-3366


We are very different than our Competitors. We do not offer Services by the Hour. 

We will always offer a One Time Flat Fee, that covers the whole Working Day. 

Our One Time Quotes are based on the Size of your Home (1-3 Stories, Apartment, House, Townhouse, Condo, Beds, Baths,)

What Services your needing ( Deep/Spring Cleaning, Laundry Services, Total Makeover Services, Clutter Bug Services, Etc..)

Our Quote also covers our own Equipment, Cleaning Supplies.

We also have Full Coverage Insurance in case of accidents on our part.

* Because of past Clients, we need to let Future Clients know 

We clean every Home we do, to the very Best of our ability, to make your Day.

We do sometimes miss stuff. We do take 5 Minute Breaks, We do check Messages on the Phone, We do check on one another.

We do not sit around just barking Orders at one another.
We are legally Married and do have our Days, where we disagree with One another. 

We are Human. We are not Prefect.

But, despite the unkind Words of some of our past clients, we are very dedicated to your Home and our Career.

If our cleaning is going to damage your Home, ( Like scratch your Bath Room Chrome), we always let you know.

And hope you do understand the Liability Clause that every Company holds.


​So, if your not Happy please do tell us to go back over it again.

We'll gladly re clean any Areas you'd like re done, over & over till you are satisfied.

If after we re clean your Home and your still not happy, keep your Money. Or we'll gladly Refund you the Money back.

​We understand, not everyone will like what we do. 

Deep/Spring Cleaning Services 

We are getting ready to start offering Independent Contractors the opportunity to take some of our Overflow Business for a

15 %  Per Job Fee. 

          Must have your own:

Cleaning Equipment


Own Transportation 

C.H.S Requirements

Sign a Independent Contract 

Full Back Ground Check

​Must maintain a 5 - 4 Star Average

Your own Self Employment Paperwork Up To Date with IRS

​Some type of Insurance or Bond

Current References

(Professional, Not Family)


  • We are Family Owned & Self Employed​​
  • ​We do not use harsh Cleaning Chemicals.
  • We are Fully Licensed & Insurance
  •  We've maintained a 5 - 4 Star Rating, for 10 Years
  • We are very Hard Working, Reliable, Dedicated to you & your Home
  • We have Payment Plans, for those whom are struggling Finanically & Need a Clean Home
  • ​​We always have 1 Time Flat Rates that cover your entire Cleaning or Organizing Project

One Time Clients Only Please !!!!!!!

Career Opportunities

​​​​​​Why Choose Us 

We have 5 Payment Options to pay for our Services. ​




​                   Online

           Credit/Debt Cards

   3-6 Months

Payment Plan

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Area(s) We De Clutter

  • Attic
  • Closets
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Cabinets & Drawers
  • Spare Rooms
  • Storage Units
  • Kitchen, Food Pantry,  Fridge 
  • Main Area(s) in your Home